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Abdi, Farah

Bilingual Instr Asst -203/7

Aikens, Dante

Special Education Asst/ISE - 203/7

Barut, Marilyn


Bosseau, Dylan

Pre K Teacher


I am a long time early childhood educator with training in child development and education from birth to fifth grade. I taught preschool and circus acrobatics for many years in New York City. I began working within SPS after moving to Seattle in 2013. I love teaching Preschool at Rising Star!

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We are already off and running here in Pre-K! We are learning all about each other and all about being in school. We are solving problems, sharing ideas, exploring sand and play dough, paint and crayons, books and blocks. We are moving our bodies through space, creating stories with our imaginations, and talking about our feelings. We love learning in Pre-K!

Bowman, Nina

Family Support Worker

Boynton Howard, Darnita

Elementary School Assistant

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Brant, Mary

Literacy Interventionist and Levy Coordinator

Carrillo Rios, Blanca

Coppedge, Bonnie

Teacher-Special Education-XG



This is a picture of me in front of Mt St Helens. I love exploring our state and am happiest hiking in the woods and up mountains, kayaking, and taking road trips with friends!

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It is my hope to individualize each student's program in order to create a program that will best meet his or her needs involving both specialized instruction and inclusion with his or her non-disabled peers. 

You may view my web portfolio on the Arizona State University website which describes my recent studies.  Feel free to ask me questions about my work and studies.

Cuffe, Michelle

Bulk Satellite Mgr Over 300

Davidheiser, Catherine

Intervention Teacher

Davis, Benjamin


Mr. Davis is a well prepared librarian ready to engage students in an exciting lesson. Each class will learn the process of text, literacy and technology.  

Dondoyano, Elaine

Art and Technology Teacher

Dziedzic, Chelsea

Literacy Coach and Administrative Intern