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Rising Star offers many services to meet the needs of our diverse community learners.

Comprehensive Bilingual Education

The EL English Learner department has 4 full-time ELD teachers/Bilingual reading specialists and five Bilingual Instructional assistants provide help for bilingual students. This year we have 240 students who speak Somali, Oromo, Sonike, Spanish, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Arabic, Cambodian, Arabic, Amharic, and Afar.  All EL students at Rising Star are included in regular classrooms and served by the EL staff.  Rising Star uses a collaborative model, pull-out for individual and small group and in-class assistance.

Music, Physical Education, Art

Rising Star is proud to offer a full-time music program and instrumental music for intermediate students. Based on the state standards for the arts, our music program teaches students essential musical concepts and allows them to enjoy the pleasure of a variety of music and songs. Students have the chance to perform for school functions and to participate in choir. Music, Art, and Physical Education rotate on a week-by-week basis. 

Family Support Workers

The family support worker provides students and families with needed support and access to social services available. Nina Bowman | 206-252-7547 

Community Learning Center

Community Learning Center is an after school program designed for grades 3-5 and supports those who have siblings in grades K-2 

City Year

City Year is an educational nonprofit organization founded in 1988 that is dedicated to helping students and schools succeed.  The organization is partnered with 29 cities across the country and around the world, and continues to empower and educate students with social, emotional, academic skills and mindsets so that each student can succeed in school and in life.