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    Roof Replacement Update
    Posted on: 09/27/2019

    Dear Firebird families and staff:

    Work continues to progress with Phase 1 of the Roof Replacement project at Rising Star Elementary School at the African American Academy.

    Exterior construction activities include placement of new roofing materials on the west facing slope of the north classroom wing. It is anticipated that Wayne’s Roofing will require six (6) additional dry work days to complete the roof installation on the western slope of the north wing. To that end, the team has been taking advantage of weekends with good weather, working on-site Saturday, September 21, 2019.

    Interior construction activities also continue to progress with the goal to re-occupy the first block of classrooms nearest the main stairwell north of the library by the second week of October. The current time frame to re-occupy the remaining classrooms of the north wing is anticipated to occur mid-November, 2019.

    Lastly, we continue to project that final Phase I de-mobilization (completion of work, removal of equipment, etc) will not occur until mid-December, 2019. There remains continued focus on occupant safety and health & comfort. Areas restricted will remain as such until construction activities are complete and all building systems have been tested and confirmed that they are functioning correctly.

    If you have any questions regarding our Roof Replacement project or student, staff or community safety, please contact Mark Emelko,, our capital project manager, or me directly.

    Thank you for your patience as we complete this project.

    Principal Huyen Lam
    Rising Star/Van Asselt AAA