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    Dear Firebird families and staff:

    Progress continues on Phase 1 of the roof replacement project at Rising Star Elementary School at the African American Academy. As previously noted exterior construction activities include replacing roofing materials on the west-facing and east-facing slopes of the north classroom wing.

    Wayne’s Roofing is nearing completion of the roof assembly system on the west-facing slope of the north classroom wing. Significant work took place last Saturday, October 26 and Sunday, October 27, 2019 on this portion of the building. Additionally, work progressed last week on the east-facing slope of the north classroom wing. Two weeks of good weather days will be required to temporarily complete the roof areas above the north classroom wing. Roof shingling activities will occur summer of 2020

    Progress also continues with interior construction work on the remaining second floor classrooms and the administration area. Final construction cleaning, testing of building systems, and evaluations by an industrial hygienist are all scheduled to occur beginning Monday, November 4 , 2019. The previous projection for re-occupying the remaining classrooms of the north wing mid-November 2019 remain on schedule.

    We are aware of previous and continuing concerns related to exhaust-emitting equipment that might create an indoor air quality issue for building staff and students. Capital Projects and Planning staff have continued to work with the contractor to implement additional steps to mitigate the presence of construction fumes around the school premises.

    Continuing Steps to Mitigate Construction Fumes, include:

    • Construction equipment will not idle while adjacent to the school at any location.
    • Dual fuel lifts have been onsite since the start of the project and will be replaced by liquid propane gas only models. Lifts have been and will continue to be positioned so that exhaust fumes are directed away from the building, and the lifts will not idle while work is in progress.
    • Contractor has procured and will install flexible ducting to lifts that operate on site, so that fumes can be directed as far away from the school as possible.
    • The forklift that loads materials onto and off of the roof is the only piece of ground level equipment that will continue to run on anything but liquid propane gas while adjacent to the building. The forklift only runs while in use (typically 1-2 minutes at a time, and approximately 1-2 times per hour).
    • All Roof top equipment that emits exhaust has been and will continue to be located at the peak ridge of the roof and as far away from building intake vents as possible.

    Continuing Air Testing and Community Outreach

    • Seattle Public Schools has arranged to have a public forum/Q&A with the Projects Environmental Hygienist to explain results of previous air quality testing and the procedures and methods for future testing. This meeting is scheduled to occur on Wednesday, October 30, 2019, at 5 p.m. in the Rising Star Elementary School Gymnasium.
    • Air quality testing will continue to occur in all classroom spaces where work is being performed. Air quality testing has already taken place several times during the project, before the start of the school year, and before each classroom or school area was deemed ready to be occupied.

    Rose Environmental, will continue to conduct walk-through air quality evaluations and long duration air quality sampling of north wing classroom areas while construction equipment operates. View Rose Environmental’ s recent report dated October 25, 2019 (PDF).

    Construction activities continue at Rising Star Elementary School at the African American Academy. If you have any questions regarding our Roof Replacement project or student, staff or community safety, please contact Mark Emelko,, our capital project manager, or me directly.

    Thank you again for your patience as we complete this important project.

    Principal Huyen Lam
    Rising Star/Van Asselt AAA