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    Free Books for Kids!
    Posted on 05/16/2020
    Kids reading for learning and fun in the summer

    Rising Star Book Up Summer 2020 for 3rd-5th grade K-2 Students
    Good news! Our school is participating in Book Up Summer so each Rising Star student gets to choose free books! The books will come to our school in June. You can pick them up from school June 15 from 11AM-1PM or 4PM-7PM or June 16 from 9AM-12PM.
    But first – every 3rd-5th grader needs to order 6 books each. Ordering begins Tuesday, May 26, and our order deadline is Thursday, May 28th.
    Here is the link to the website to place your order: 
    1. Look through the book categories with your child. When you click on a category – it will open to show you all the books available of that type (e.g. – Picture Books). Note the little blue arrow on the side of each row. You can use it to scroll through, so you can see more books. It is very important that your child chooses books that they are interested in. Let them take the lead.
    2. Click on the cover of each book you want. It will flip over. Click on the blue button to ‘Add to Wish List’
    3. When you have picked 6 books you like, just click on the in the upper right-hand corner.
    4. Enter your child’s name, choose my name from the drop down and select ‘Share My Wish List.’
    5. Come pick up your books on June 15 or June 16.
    6. These books are a gift from Page Ahead for your family to keep. Read and enjoy them over the summer!
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Q. My child wants graphic novels. I think he should choose harder books.
    a) Graphic novels can actually have great story lines and challenging words. The most important thing is for him to choose books he wants to read.
    Q. Does she need to return these? She isn’t good about keeping track of her books.
    a) No. These books are for her to keep.
    Q. I have two children and when I tried to order for the 2nd one, it wouldn’t let me.
    a) Select books and then share the wish list for your first child. Sign out of the eFair website by clicking on the Door icon at lower left (you should end back up at the page where you enter the eFair code to access the eFair). Re-enter our code and complete the order for your 2nd child and share it.

    Special thanks to community organization Page Ahead.

    More questions? Ask your teacher or Ms. Kovach,